The Real Mom™ Club

The Real Mom Club is actively seeking new members.
To see if you qualify, answer the following questions:

1.Are you someone’s mother?

If you answered "yes" to question number one, how would you describe your children?

  • off spring

  • tax deductions

  • SPAWNLING… deviant life forms sent here from a yet unknown
    universe to play with your little world.

  • All of the above

2. Are you tired of feeling like an unfit mother because YOU do not identify with the "experts" who write for some kid / parent magazines?

3. Do you wish you could talk to another mom, who wouldn’t give you
a condescending look and say, "You don’t mean that", when you say
that you would rather hand mound sewage than go on a
field trip with your child?

Correct answers: All Real Moms are notorious for telling
"little white lies", so if you answered "no" to any questions, we forgive you.


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